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Launching soon, our supported weight loss program is designed to achieve maximum results. A simple and effective solution with all your meal replacement shakes included and support throughout the program.

App based coaching

High protein shakes

Recipes & meal plans

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A lighter, more energetic you

Our nutritionally complete meal replacement shakes offer some of the highest protein per serving in the market. Add to that 15 vitamins and minerals along with probiotics and more.

Medically Developed

Developed by health professionals and supported by weight loss doctors.

Our programs

Designed for success

Lightly's 3 Week Metabolic Reboot offers a supportive weight loss journey with formulated meal replacement shakes, guided coaching via our App, mindset training, and meal plans. Designed for long lasting weight management, you'll be able to build a foundation for ongoing wellness in a simple and effective way.

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Trusted by Doctors and Surgeons

I'm confident that when using the Lightly program my patients will get results, using a high quality product. The results I've seen attest to that.

Dr Kang-Tem Lim, Cardiologist, MBBS FRACP

With Lightly, I'm able to recommend meal replacement shakes which are natural, as part of a whole program designed for long term weight management.

Dr Mikhail Mastakov; Bariatric, General and Upper G.I Surgeon, M.D FRACS

I've tried Lightly shakes myself. They taste great, are simple to make and it gets results. I'm happy recommending it to my patients.

Phil Townend, Bariatric, General & Upper GI Surgeon B Sc Med, MBBS, FRACS

Weight loss is so much more than just calories in, calories out. With Lightly, I know that my patients are getting optimal nutrition for weight loss rather than just counting calories.

Catherine Quirk, General Practitioner, Weight Loss Physician, Surgical assistant, Bachelor of BioMed Sci, Bachelor of Pharmacy, MBBS, FRACGP


A better solution to weight management

Lightly Founder Carly Barlow with health care practitioner

High Protein

Between 31 g and 40 g of protein per serve of our delicious shakes.


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